Research Plans


Consortium 2021 Research Plan


The Advanced Research in Electronics Assembly (AREA) Consortium executes manufacturing relevant research to provide an understanding of emerging technologies in materials, reliability and electronic assembly process for AREA Principals. Research ranges from scientific investigations on fundamental materials behavior to engineering topics directly applicable to manufacturing challenges. In every case, the objective is to provide AREA Principals with meaningful results that enable sustainable assembly process improvements, maximization of yields and improved product reliability.

The AREA Consortium appreciates that our Principals often encounter resource constraints that limit internal research activities critical to their product needs. They are therefore encouraged to view the consortium research staff as an extension of their own engineering team, devoting critical research time and physical resources to emerging topics of interest. To support the efforts of providing Principals with the most up-to-date information, including project milestones and timely research results, a consortium website will be maintained with on-demand content (

The AREA Consortium research plan is Principal driven, consortium manager prioritized, and consortium staff executed. Research is based on current and near term future needs of the electronics manufacturing industry. This research plan is updated annually so that topics remain relevant and pragmatic. The consortium manager and staff define the research plan in close partnership with AREA Principals. Longer term reliability evaluation projects may extend into subsequent plan years as needed to complete testing. The manager and staff execute the research plan using the resources and facilities of the Universal Instruments Advanced Process Laboratory along with adjunct university capabilities and faculty expertise as needed.

The primary focus for 2021 will be the careful execution of the projects outlined in this document. History indicates that additional topics will be added throughout the year as our capabilities develop, member interests evolve and materials are provided. The research plan topics have been categorized into three key thrusts: Materials, Reliability, and Assembly Process Development.

Consortium Deliverables

The charter of the AREA Consortium is to perform member company inspired research and convey the body of knowledge acquired directly to the Principals in a practical and useful manner. This is done by providing information in various formats and means of transfer including technical seminars, accessible databases, written reports, process recommendations, as well as design guidelines and testing protocols.

Reporting of Results

The AREA manager will provide access to project reports and experimental data via the protected consortium web site. Regular consortium meetings will be held in the greater Binghamton, NY area for the purpose of scientific/technical discussion. The AREA Manager and staff will inform Principals on specific technical issues, experimental results, or general project status. Presentations made at these meetings will be accessible on-line to Principal companies shortly thereafter. In addition, Principals are encouraged to contact and/or visit the Advanced Process Laboratory individually for more effective communication and knowledge transfer. Projects may require the staff to solicit the involvement of suppliers as limited project participants but limit their access to knowledge generated on their products.