Process Support

Universal Instruments delivers complete factory-wide process, manufacturing and support solutions from prototyping to volume production. Next generation applications, like Flip Chip, SiP, and PoP? No problem. From product concept... throughout the entire product lifecycle, a technology partnership with the Universal Advanced Process Laboratory ensures you get a quality product to market quickly and efficiently.

Presentations and Brochures:

Assembly Solutions for Wide IO Package-on-Package Applications

Component Reliability Evaluations

Pad Crater Evaluations

Skills and technologies for advanced product development

To create is a tougher challenge than to replicate. If your business is prototyping cutting-edge products using state-of-the-art technologies, you know what we mean. But to meet modern product development timetables, you need direct access to the advanced knowledge each new product demands. Universal’s APL prototyping services will help you solve difficult assembly issues quickly and cost-effectively, to confidently prepare for volume production. From initial consultation, to first article build and new product introduction, you can rely on our experienced Laboratory Services staff and advanced research and development facilities. Use our prototyping services to quickly deliver quality-engineered products and gain valuable market advantages.

Engineer success into each new product from the start

The Advanced Process Lab builds on Universal’s industry-leading expertise across all production environments. OEMs and prototype specialists leverage our skills at all stages for fast turnaround and cost-effective, reliable, high quality products:

• Cutting-edge knowledge gained from our process, materials, and reliability research

• Expertise to assemble complex devices involving new components, materials, products,and processes

• Industry-first equipment innovations to overcome difficult prototyping challenges

• Technology-inspired design for manufacture

• First article build, product and process development

• New product introduction including process transfer to your site, your chosen CEM, or a CEM recommended by the APL.

Services from pre-prototype to post production

Access the APL prototyping services skills and technologies at the beginning of each project and through to completion:

• First article build for proof of concept

• Design review of components and materials

• Assistance with component selection and PCB design

• Material selection assistance

• Assemble complex products involving new components, materials, products and processes

• Process development for unusual assemblies

• Recommendations for yield and reliability improvement

• Optimization of process parameters

• Develop basic processes for duplication at manufacturer's site

• Process implementation at manufacturing site

Optimize your response to production and enterprise targets

Assembly process performance is crucial to profitability and market reputation. The most cost effective route to the streamlined, efficient assembly flow you’re looking for is to trust Universal’s APL experts to optimize and refine your processes.

Our rigorous Process Audit services will help you meet product, corporate or environmental targets, implement continuous improvement, and direct future investment. We have already acquired the knowledge you need by studying and developing each new assembly process, from its arrival as a cutting edge technology through to maturity. Our laboratory is equipped to analyze and fine-tune materials, process parameters and procedures. Let us work with you to achieve the highest levels of throughput, yield, efficiency and quality.