2019 Meetings

October Meeting


Welcome / Introductions

by Jim Wilcox

MAT1C. BGA Capillary Underfill & Edge Bond Evaluation

by Pericles Kondos

MAT6H. Copper Sintering Studies

by Yujia Wang, Peter McClure

MAT8E. Conformal Coating Evaluations using Silver Thin Films

by PJ Singh

MAT4C. Board Level Thermal Interface Materials: Performance and Reliability

by Peter McClure

MAT4D. Metal Die Level Thermal Interface Innovations

by Tim Jensen

MAT4D. Indium TIM1 Characterization

by Peter McClure

MAT7F. Low Melt Solder Mixed Assembly Mechanical Reliability

by Luke Wentlent

MAT7F. Low Melt Solder Drop Shock Performance

by Xuanyi Ding, Luke Wentlent

REL17A. Reflow and Current Stress Effects on SnBi Solder Joint Reliability

by Eric Cotts, Faramarz Hadian

REL17B. SnBi Solder Reliability: High Current Thermal Cycle Test

by Luke Wentlent

MAT9B. Low Melt Solder Mixed Assembly: Thermal Cycle Reliability

by Luke Wentlent

MAT3B. EPAG Surface Finish Evaluation

by Michael Meilunas

MAT7A. High Reliability Solder Alloy Studies

by Luke Wentlent

REL9A. Mixed VIPPO BGA Array Solder Defects

by Pericles Kondos

APD3C. Copper Coin Board Assembly

by Peter McClure

REL8A. Low CTE Circuit Boards for Large Body WLCSP

by Michael Meilunas

REL3E. Alternate Solder Alloy Vibration Testing

by Michael Meilunas

3D Printed Die Level Heatsinks by Selective Laser Melting

by Arad Azizi, Scott Schiffries

March Meeting



by Jim Wilcox

MAT6H. Sintered Copper Joining

by Peter McClure

MAT7F. Low-Melt BiSn Mixed Assembly: Effect of Reflow Temperature

by Eric Cotts

MAT7F. Low-Melt BiSn Mixed Assembly: Mechanical and Microstructural Behavior

by Luke Wentlent

REL9A. Mixed VIPPO BGA Array Soldering Defects

by Pericles Kondos and Thaer Alghoul

REL18A. BiSn Mixed Solder Electromigration

by Faramarz Hadian, Mohammed Genanu, Eric Cotts

Power Packaging Assembly Challenges

by Douglas Hopkins

MAT1C. Capillary Underfill and Edge Bonding of BGA Components

by Pericles Kondos and Thaer Alghoul

MAT6G. High Reliability Solder Alloys: Effect of Bi Content

by Luke Wentlent

MAT4C. Thermal Interface Materials: Thermal Mechanical Cycling

by Michael Gaynes and Peter McClure

MAT9B. Self Assembly Paste Evaluation SAP Overall - 8X video

by Peter McClure and Yujia Wang

REL11B. Modeling of BGA Applications under Tensile Load

by Michael Meilunas and Mahdi Farahikia

REL15C. Power Cycle Reliability Testing (PBGA, QFN)

by Michael Gaynes, et al

APD8A. Solder Voiding Behavior in Vacuum Reflow Soldering Vacuum Reflow video

by Michael Meilunas

MAT6C. Sintered Silver Printing and Die Attach Study

by Thaer Alghoul and Pericles Kondos

MAT4B. Thermal Interface Resistance: Surface Roughness Effects

by Peter McClure and Michael Gaynes

APD11C. Selected Area Laser Rework

by Luke Wentlent