2007 Meetings

June, 2007 Presentations

QFN Process Development and Reliability Project

On the Behavior of Bubbles in Liquids

Voiding in Paste-Only Solder Deposits

Component Underfills


Voiding in Cu3Sn

Copper Electroplating and Voiding in Cu3Sn

Effects of Microstructure on Lead Free Solder Joint Reliability

Lead Free Solder Joint Fatigue Study

Pb-Free Thermal Cycle Testing Overview

Challenges in Thermal Cycling of Lead Free Solders

FCBGA Thermal Cycling Project

Lead Free HASL Project Update

2008 Plans?

Pad Cratering Update

Missing Ball and Other Brittle Failures on Ni/Au

Effects of Au on Brittle Failures in Assemblies on Electrolytic Ni/Au

Investigations of Brittle Failure of IMCs on ENIG

Underfill for Lead Free Flip Chips

Reballing Lead Free Components with SnPb

October, 2007 Presentations

Advanced Process Laboratory: Process Research and Support

Lead Free PCB Projects Update

Lead Free HASL

Pad Cratering: Correlations Between Joint Level and Board Level Testing

High Speed Bond Testing

CSP Underfill and Edge/Corner Bonding Studies

Intermetallic Formation in the Sn-Cu-Ni System

Brittle Failures of Joints on Electrolytic Ni/Au

Copper Electroplating and Voiding in Cu3Sn: An Update

Preconditioning of Lead Free Solder Joints

Solder Joint Strain Analysis

Thermal Cycling of Lead-Free Solder

Thermal Bondline Assembly

TIM Studies

Lead Free FC Thermal Cycling Parameters

Effects of Solder Microstructure on Fatigue

Reliability Test Plans & Schedule

Solder Paste Selection for QFN Assembly

Component Characterization

Redressing Repair

A Rework Process for LGA Components

March, 2008 Presentations

Advanced Process Laboratory/AREA Consortium

Pb Free Solder Alloy Reliability Update

Mixed Solder Alloy Reliability Update

Voiding in Cu3Sn: Why it is Sporadic?

Solder Joint Strain Analysis

Fine Pitch Flip Chip and TSV Based Die Stacking

Pad Cratering:Relating Pad-Level Testing to Board Level Reliability

Intermetallic Bonds to Ni/Au Pads

CSP Underfill and Edge/Corner Bonding Studies

Lead Free PCB Projects Update

Cycling Results for Pb-Free Flip Chips with 8 Underfills

Thermal Cycling Test Protocols for Lead-Free Solder

APLWeb Online Registration and Tools

Relationships between Drop Reliability and Energy

Ongoing and Future Repair Projects

Thermal Cycling Test Protocols for Lead-Free Solder

Correlations Between Microstructure and Fatigue Life in Pb Free Solder

Effect of Reflow Profile on Sn Undercooling and Microstructure Evolution in Sn-3.5Ag and Sn-3.9Ag-0.6Cu Lead Free Alloys

Thermal Interface Bondline Assembly

Void nucleation, Growth and Shrinkage in SAC405/Electrodeposited Cu Foil Solder Joints

2007 Master Report List (Excel file)