2006 Meetings

June, 2008 Presentations

Electronics Packaging for Military and Aerospace

Brittle Failure and Spalling on Ni/Au

How to Prevent Voiding

Sn and Other Metal Whiskers

Thermal Cycling of Lead-Free Solders

'Bump' and RecrystallizationSn

Thermal Cycling Test ProtocolSn

Effects of Dwell in Isothermal Fatigue Testing

Comparison of Pad and Board Level Testing

Development of Micro-Impact Fatigue Testing

Thermal Interface Materials

Interconnect Stress Testing Results

Nelco Laminate Roadmap

Pad Cratering in Area Array Repair

The Role of Glass Fibers in Pad Cratering

Fine Pitch Flip Chip Assembly/Au

October, 2008 Presentations

Update on Voiding in Cu3

A Case Study of Sproadic Brittle Failure on Ni/Au Surface Finish

Brittle Failures on Ni/Au Finishes: Part II

Package-on-Package Assembly and Reliability Investigation

Vibration Test Results

Lead Free Thermal Cycling Progress<

"High Density" Reliability Test

Pb-Free Laminate Testing and Recommendations

Pad Cratering UpdateSn: An Update

CAF Response to Mechanical Loading

PCB Damage in Area Array Repair: Week 41 Update

Controlling the Rework Profile

Thermal Interface Bondline Assembly

Quantitative Acceleration of Long-Term Agin

Microstructure Evolution in Pb-Free Solder Alloys During Isothermal Aging

Microstructure Evolution in Pb-Free Solder Alloys During Thermal Cycling

Solar Panel Technology

Paste/Underfill Compatibility Update

Underfill Flow Studies

Mechanical Test of Edge and Corner Bond Assemblies

Underfill and Solder Joint Loading in Thermal Cyclin

March, 2009 Presentations

Drop Testing Update

Thermal Cycling Update

Thermal Cycling Induced Microstructure Evolution in Lead Free Solder

Cycling Induced Recrystallization of Lead Free Solder and Why You Should Care

Acceleration of Long Term Aging Effects in Lead Free Solder

The Complete Breakdown of Miner's Rule in Load Controlled Cycling of No-Pb Solder

On the Breakdown of Miner's Rule for Lead Free Solder

Vibration Testing of Multiple Alloys & Pad Finishes

Thermal Interface Materials

Electrolytic Cu Plating Recommendations

The Nature of Pad Cratering

PCB Cook Book Update & Halogen Free PCB Plans

Digital Human Modeling Technology: Overview, Opportunities, and Applications

Component Underfill Cook Book

Adhesion/Cohesion Testing of Underfills and Corner/Edge Bonding Materials

Drop Testing of Corner/Edge Bonded Assemblies

Lead Free Rework

Area Array Repair Cook Book

2008 Master Report List (Excel file)