2003 Meetings

June, 2003 Presentations

Microstructure of Mixed Tin-Lead / No-Lead Solder Joints

"Mixed" CSP and BGA Reliability

0.4 mm Pitch CSP Printing

0.4 mm Pitch CSP Assembly & Reliability

Solder Joint Bridging in 0.4 mm Pitch CSP Assembly

Soldering to Electroless Ni/Immersion Au - The "Black Pad" Failure Mechanism

2nd Level Reliability Update

Underfilling by Stencil Printing

Room Temperature Underfilling

The Most Promising Underfills

Package Underfilling

High Temperature JEDEC Level 3 Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Testing

Progress on Assembly of Au-Bumped Flip Chips to Solder Bumped Substrates

Effects of Electromigration in No-Pb Flip Chip Assemblies

Reliability Effects of Thermal Excursions and Thermal Aging on SAC-Bumped Flip Chips

No-Lead Flip Chip Joint Microstructure Effects of Thermal History and Process Variables

Pb-Free Reflow Encapsulants

Lid Attach

A New Generation of Thermal Interface Materials; An Analytical and Experimental Study

Application of Thermal Interface Materials by Stencil Printing

Printing & Dispensing of Thermal Interface Material - An Initial Comparison

Evolution of Voids in Thermal Interface Material During Cure

Characterization of Thermal Interface Materials

October, 2003 Presentations

Reliability of mixed SnPb/no-Pb solder joints

Microstructure evolution in mixed SnPb/no-Pb solder joints

Ag concentrations

Immersion Ag pad finishes -- variability and assembly

Reliability of area array assemblies on immersion Ag pad finishes

CSP underfilling by stencil printing

2nd Level reliability update

Squeegee based and pressure enhanced solder paste printing

0.4mm pitch CSP assembly

0.4mm pitch CSP rework and reliability

Materials for manufacturing in China - Preliminary PCB studies

Assembly of Au stud bumped flip chip

No-Pb flip chip assembly & reliability

Effects of cycling and aging on no-Pb flip chip solder joint microstructure

Effects of electromigration and aging on flip chip assemblies

Reliability of SnPb based flip chip assemblies with no-flow underfills

No-Pb flip chip assembly with, and reliability of,no-flow underfill

Flip chip technology transfer

High power component assembly onto heat sinks - Thermal interface materials and process issues

Heat sink attach to PBGA assemblies - Process and automation issues

March, 2004 Presentations

Metallurgy of Mixed No-Pb/SnPb Solder Joints

Mixed SnPb/no-Pb Soldering: Preliminary Recommendations

Effects of PCB Surface Finish on the Reliability of Area Array Packages

Fine-Pitch CSP Rework and Reliability

Pb-Free Area Array Reliability Update

Mixed Alloy Reliability (AATC) 2003

Sn-Ag-Cu Joint Inspection and Failure Analysis

Thermal Cycling Resistance of 0.4mm Pitch WLCSP Assemblies With Mixed Solder Joints

Lead Free Wave Soldering Process

Reliability Effects of Rework Induced Lead/No-Lead Solder Alloy Mixing

AATC Reliability and Lead Pull Testing

SnPb Based 0.4 mm Pitch WLCSP Assembly & Reliability

Area Array Sn/Pb Solder Joint Reliability Year End Wrap-Up

Mixed Hybrid Assemblie: NanoSphere Wafer Scale Package

Thermal Cycling Resistance of SnAgCu Based WLCSP Assemblies

Reflow Encapsulant Manual

Update on Pb-Free JEDEC Level 3 Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Testing

Flip Chip Assembly Manual

Effects of High Temperature Aging on Thermal Cycling Resistance of LF2 Based Flip Chip Assemblies

Pb-Free Flip Chip Assembly

Gold Stud Bumped Flip Chip Assembly

The Most Promising Underfills

Flip Chip Underfilling By Stencil Printing

Underfill Manual

Sn-Ag-Cu Joint Inspection and Failure Analysis

Flip Chip Reliability and Test Protocols

No-Pb Flip Chip Assembly and Reliability with Reflow Encapsulants

Minimizing Thermal Resistance

Heat Sink Attach to PBGA Assemblies

Lid Attach

Deposition & Curing of Thermal Interface Materials

Process-Induced Filler Particle Separation in Thermal Interface Materials

Codification Software