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2016 Meetings

October Meeting

Next Generation Biometric Security Access System
- By Don Lee (Samsung)

- By Michael Meilunas

- By Matt Schwiebert

- By Michael Gaynes

- By Mohammed Genanu

area Laser Selective Reflow (aLSR)

March Meeting

- By Marie Cole

- By Mary Hatfalvi

- By Francis Mutuku

- By Babak Arfaei

- By Richard Coyle

- By Mohammed Genanu

- By Pericles Kondos and Andrew Feigel

- By Mike Meilunas

- By Faramarz Hadian

- By Jungyhun Cho

REL6A. Solder Paste Printing Correlations to Reliability: 
BGA Components     - By Mike Meilunas 
Bottom Terminated (QFN) Components   - By Sai Sriperumbudur

- By Mike Meilunas

Quantitative Image Analysis Methods for SAC305 Microstructures
- By Larry Lehman

- By Pericles Kondos

- By Peter Borgesen