November Meeting

Wednesday Morning
- By Jim wilcox
- By Quang Su and Aaron Stewart

PERM Project Updates
- By Dave Pinsky,Tony Rafanelli,
Dave Hillman, Sebastian Fonseka,
Steve Davidson

June Meeting
- By Martin Anselm
- By Richard Coyl (Alcatel-Lucent) ref: p765 Coyle et al. 64th ECTC

Advanced Process Development (APD) Track

- By Janice Meraglia (VP for Military and Government Programs at Applied DNA Sciences)
MAT6B – Characterization of High Temperature Solders used for Passive Devices - On Demand
- By Chris Anglin

- By Peter Borgesen
- By Babak Arfaei

February Meeting

February AREA Introduction - On Demand
- By Martin Anselm

Reliability Track

- By Sa'd Hamash and Luke Wentlent
- By Michael Meilunas
REL4A: Creep Corrosion - On Demand
- By Pericles Kondos
REL9A: HDI Design Review 
- By Michael Meilunas
- By Prof. Quang Su (Binghamton University)
REL3B: Vibration Reliability Plans 
- By Prof. Quang Su (Binghamton University)
    - Prof. Su's Combined Presentations On Demand
- By Prof. James Pitarresi (Binghamton University)

- By Gaurang Joshi
ADP3A: TB2013 ATC Reliabiliy 
- By Michael Meilunas
SPI Optimization - Koh Young - On Demand
 - By JD Shin of Koh Young
BVA Review - Invensas - On Demand
- By Charles Woychik of Invensas

- By Francis Mutuku
MAT1A: Underfill Update - On Demand
- By Harry Schoeller