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2013 Meetings

September Meeting

Martin Anselm – Introduction 
David McCann Vice President, Packaging and R&D, GLOBALFOUNDRIES – Keynote

Francis Mutuku – MAT7A: 

Sa’D Hamasha – REL2A: 
                   Accounting for the Evolution of SnPb and SnAgCu Properties and the Resulting Breakdown of Linear                                 Damage Accumulation Rules in Cycling with Varying Amplitudes (On Demand)
Prof. Peter Borgesen (Binghamton University) – REL2A: 
Prof. Quang Su (Binghamton University) – REL3A: 
                    Vibration Reliability Testing and Analysis
Prof. James Pitarresi (Binghamton University) – REL3A: 
                    REL3A: Modeling and Characterization of Shock and Vibration (On Demand)
Babak Arfaei – MAT2B: 

Yuan Zeng – APD3A: LGA vs BGA Pad Cratering (On Demand)
Michael Meilunas – APD3A: TB2013 Reliability Update (On Demand)
Harry Schoeller – MAT6A: 

During our September meeting we had the opportunity to thank our Members that have been with our organization for more than 10 years with a Partnership Award.  Below are the images of the event and our recipients with our founder George Westby.

Rockwell Colins, David Adams
Rockwell Automation
Ashok Wadhwa and Bob Veale

Isabel de Sousa, Prabjit Singh, Mitch Ferrill &Jim Wilcox

Richard Coyle & Holly Rubin

Ericsson, Lars Bruno

Plexus, Ursula Marquez de Tino 

Celestica, Jeff Kennedy

Motorola Solutions
Henry Grossfeld, Brent Gingrich, Thomas Zanatta, (GW) and Eduardo Freire

Lockheed Martin
Dan Blass

June Meeting Presentations

Business Cards of our members and guests in attendance.
Materials Track
MAT4A - Component Level TIM Comparison by Harry Schoeller
MAT4A - Componentent Level TIM Comparison - On Demand

MAT1A - Underfill Research Plans by Pericles Kondos
MAT1A - Underfill Research Plans - On Demand

MAT10A - Pad Cratering Glass Orientation Effect - On Demand

REL3A - Vibration Test Update and FA by Prof. Quang Su of BU

February Meeting Presentations


On Demand
By: Martin Anselm, Manager AREA Consortium

Pad Cratering
On Demand
By: Michael Meilunas

Paste Measurement
On Demand
By: Chris Anglin

0.3mm Pitch Print Development
On Demand
By: Jeff Schake (DEK)

Cycling Effect on Laminate Strength
On Demand
By: Pericles Kondos

Effect of Sn on HMP
On Demand
By: Harry Schoeller

Pb-free Die Attach Update
On Demand
By: Harry Schoeller

Angled HBP Methodology
On Demand
By: Pericles Kondos

PCB Material Testing Update
On Demand
By: Yuan Zeng (BU Student Research Associate)

Resonance Tracking Vibration Testing
By: Prof. Quang Su (BU Mechanical Engineering)

Strain Analysis
On Demand
By: Michael Meilunas

On Demand
By: Babak Arfaei
This Presentation includes both sessions of Babak's presentation.

Slow and High Speed Shear Testing of New Alloys
On Demand
By: Shantanu Joshi (BU Student Research Associate)

Digital Image Correlation
By: Prof. SB Park (BU Mechanical Engineering)

Component Level TIM Comparison
On Demand
By: Harry Schoeller

Fine Pitch Reliability Final Update
By: Michael Meilunas

Effects of ATC Parameters
On Demand
By: Michael Meilunas

Lead Free Solder Joints in Thermal Cycling
On Demand
By: Peter Borgesen (BU SSIE Department)

Comparing Lead Free Solder Alloys in Terms of Reliability
On Demand
By: Peter Borgesen (BU SSIE Department)

Wave Soldering Hole Fill Planning
By: Denis Barbini

Creep Corrosion Update - ENEPIG
On Demand
By: Pericles Kondos