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2011 Meetings

October 2011 Consortium Meeting Details
Pad Cratering: Design Overview: Brian Roggeman
Updates on ZetaCap Project: Brian Roggeman
Pad Cratering in Rework: Pericles Kondos
Pad Cratering in Rework - SWF file

TMV PoP Assembly: Brian Roggeman
Epoxy Flux: Pericles Kondos
Epoxy Flux - SWF file
Head in Pillow Inspection Project: Michael Meilunas
Detecting Head in Pillow Defects - SWF file

Thermal Cycling Projects Update: Michael Meilunas
Thermal Cycling Projects Update - SWF file
Reliability Model: Peter Borgesen
Varying Cycling Amplitude: Younis Jaradat
Varying Cycling Amplitude - SWF file

Lead-Free Characterization:
Measuring Creep using DIC: Hohyung Lee
Controlling Microstructure: Babak Arfaei
Controlling Microstructure - SWF file
Microstructure Evolution during Fatigue: Liang Yin
Microstructure Evolution during Fatigue - SWF file
Damage Evolution in Cycling: Awni Qasaimeh
Damage Evolution in Cycling - SWF file

SERDP Whisker Project: Stephan Meschter
Overview of S3IP at Binghamton University: Bahgat Sammakia
Energy Efficient Data Centers: Bahgat Sammakia

June 2011 Consortium Meeting Details

Pad Cratering: Effects of ZetaCap Brian Roggeman
Cratering in Shock Pradosh Guruprasad
Effects of Assembly Damage on Cratering David Rae

Effect of Latent Laminate Damage on Cratering Pericles Kondos
Controlling SnAgCu Structures: Part I Babak Arafei

Controlling SnAgCu Structures: Part II Babak Arafei
Update on Thermal Cycling Michael Meilunas
On the Track of a Damage Function for Cycling of SnAgCu Awni Qasaimeh

Effects of Varying the Cycle Amplitude Younis Jaradat
More on Amplitude Variation Luke Wentlent
Creep Corrosion Liang Yin
ENEPIG Pericles Kondos

Intermetallic Bond Issues on ENIG Martin Anselm
Thermal Interface Tapes David Rae
TIM Printing and Cook-Book David Rae