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2010 Meetings

March Presentations

Pad Cratering: Our Current Understanding and Test Plans
Pad Cratering: Latent Laminate Damage
ATC Reliability Testing Update
Effects of Solder Joint Dimensions on Life in Thermal Cycling
Solder Microstructure Evolution and Consequences
Mechanical Fatigue Study of Lead Free Alloys: Correlations with Strain Energy Density
On the Microstructure of Pb-free TSOP, QFN, and LGA Solder Joints: Consequences for Thermal Cycling Performance and Acceleration Factors
Effects of Pb-Free Solder Joint Size on Microstructure, Mechanical Properties & Aging Kinetics
On the Evolution of the Properties and Microstructure of Backward Compatible Solder Joints during Cycling and Aging
Lead-Free Solder Reliability in Complex Loading Environments
Assessment of Life of Lead Free Solder joints Under Realistic Service Conditions: Practical Consequences and Recommendations
ENEPIG Updates
Printing Considerations for Fine Pitch, Including 01005s and WLCSPs
Thermal Optimization of Filled-Polymeric TIM Bondlines
Creep Corrosion
Conformal Coatings

June Presentations

Update: Effects of Print Paste Volume on Drop Test Performance for 0.4mm Pitch CSPs
Reliability of Thermal Interface Tapes
Compaction Driven Performance Enhancement of Filled-Polymeric Thermal Bondlines
Thermal Interface Assembly Cook-Book
Cratering: Correlations Between Pad and Assembly Level Strength
Effects of Variable Loading on Pad Cratering
Intermetallic Failures on Electrolytic Ni/Au
Overview: Lead Free Solder Microstructure And Reliability
Effects of Lead Free Solder Joint Size on Aging Kinetics
Precipitate Coarsening and Recrystallization in Thermal Cycling of Lead Free BGAs
Cycling Induced Recrystallization of Lead Free BGA Joints in Cycling: Effects of Ag Content, Pre- and Post-Annealing
Solderability and Properties of Low-Ag Solder Alloys
Different Microstructure Evolution in Thermal Cycling of Lead Free TSOPs, QFNs, etc.
Combined Effects of Vibration and Thermal Cycling of Lead Free Solder Joints
Lead Free Solder Fatigue in Cyclic Bending: Effects of Variable Loading
Reliability and Microstructure of Backward Compatible Solder Joints
Thermal Cycling Update: TSOP, QFN, LGA, Passives, are Different From BGAs!
Reliability of Reballed Components
Lead Free Solder Joints on ENEPIG Pads

October Presentations