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2007 Meetings

June, 2007 Presentations

Advanced Process Laboratory/AREA Consortium
Pb Free Solder Alloy Reliability Update
Mixed Solder Alloy Reliability Update
Voiding in Cu3Sn: Why it is Sporadic?
Solder Joint Strain Analysis
Fine Pitch Flip Chip and TSV Based Die Stacking
Pad Cratering:Relating Pad-Level Testing to Board Level Reliability
Intermetallic Bonds to Ni/Au Pads
CSP Underfill and Edge/Corner Bonding Studies
Lead Free PCB Projects Update
Cycling Results for Pb-Free Flip Chips with 8 Underfills
Thermal Cycling Test Protocols for Lead-Free Solder
APLWeb Online Registration and Tools
Relationships between Drop Reliability and Energy
Ongoing and Future Repair Projects
Thermal Cycling Test Protocols for Lead-Free Solder
Correlations Between Microstructure and Fatigue Life in Pb Free Solder
Effect of Reflow Profile on Sn Undercooling and Microstructure Evolution in Sn-3.5Ag and Sn-3.9Ag-0.6Cu Lead Free Alloys
Thermal Interface Bondline Assembly
Void nucleation, Growth and Shrinkage in SAC405/Electrodeposited Cu Foil Solder Joints
2007 Master Report List (Excel file)