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2005 Meetings

June, 2005 Presentations

Inhibiting Voiding in SAC/Cu IMC Structures
Effects of BGA Underfilling on Drop Test Performance
Moisture/Reflow Testing
SnCu Flip Chips
Interfacial Reactions of Sn-Ag-Cu Solders Modified by Zn Addition
Rework Cookbook Update
Wetting, Spreading & Soldering
Effects of No-Pb Rework on 2nd Level Reliability
"Forward Compatible" Solder Joint Reliability
Minimizing Reflow Temperature for Reliable Lead-Free Assembly
Effects of Pre-Assembly Parameters on No-Pb Microstructure and Reliability
Voiding in SAC/Cu IMC Structures
Is Zinc the Solution?
Mechanical Vibration and Shock: Modeling and Measurement
Lead-Free Reflow: PCB Laminate/Prepreg Bonding Evaluation

October, 2005 Presentations

Mechanics of Drop Testing
Loctite Hysol FF2300 No-Flow Underfill
Soldering Gold Bump Flip Chips Wrap-Up
BGA Underfill Evaluation: Medical Device and Standard Product Mechanical Testing I
Cu Plating Study
Chip Cap Cracking in Lead-Free Assemblies
Improving Thermal Interface Bondlines
Voiding in Electrodeposited Copper Foils
How to Eliminate Voiding: Microstructure and Stress
Undercooling of SAC Solder Joints
Mixed Assembly Reliability Testing Update
Smart Protocols for Growth of Epitaxial Metal Films
Copper Screening Test Update
How to Eliminate Voiding: SACZn Solder
Our Current Understanding of Voiding
Voiding and Cu Plating Parameters, Including Chemistry
Voids in Cu3Sn: An Update
Assessing Lead-Free Reliability
Understanding Lead-Free Reliability
Assembly-Induced Defects in Thermal Interfaces
Variability in Lead Free Solder Ball Pull Strength: Effect of Crystal Orientation
The Effect of Voiding on Pull Test Results
Lead-Free Reflow: PCB Dielectric to Pad Adhesion Assessment
Lead-Free PCB Damage: Material Selection
BGA Underfill Evaluation: Medical Device and Standard Product Mechanical Testing II

March, 2006 Presentations

Drop Testing of Lead-Free and Mixed Solder Assemblies
Solder Bump and Pad Pull Testing
DAGE Solder Ball Testing Update
Component Underfilling and Edge/Corner Bonding
Flip Chip Program
HP SAC/Ni Discussion
Rework Cookbook Update: 2005
Process Induced Defects in Thermal Interface Materials
Voiding in Electrodeposited Copper Foils
IMC Problems in SAC/Ni Soldering
Mixed Alloy Testing Update: 2005
QFN/MLF Process Manual Overview
Pb-Free Testing Update: 2005
Microstructure of Mixed Solder Alloys
Voids in Cu3Sn: Review and Update
Solder Pad Finish Issues
Enhanced Thermal Bondlines: Nanocomposite Thermal Interface Materials
Voiding and Intermetallic Strength of SAC Solder on Cu Pads
Solder Bump Pull Test and Shear Fatigue Evaluation of Mixed Solder Mechanical Properties
Lead Free Assembly and PCB Damage [Parts I & II]